The Philadelphia 76ers Trade Assets Ranked

Jan 11, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard T.J. McConnell (1) celebrates with center Joel Embiid (21) after hitting the game winning shot against the New York Knicks at Wells Fargo Center. The Philadelphia 76ers won 98-97. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 11, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard T.J. McConnell (1) celebrates with center Joel Embiid (21) after hitting the game winning shot against the New York Knicks at Wells Fargo Center. The Philadelphia 76ers won 98-97. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

Thanks to Sam Hinkie, the Philadelphia 76ers are loaded with assets. From an extra 2018 first round pick to Furkan Korkmaz, the 76ers have plenty of resources. Today we are going to look at the assets and rank them.

The Philadelphia 76ers have many valuable assets, thanks to former president Sam Hinkie. But assets accumulation trended with Hinkie’s previous  boss with the Houston Rockets, general manager Daryl Morey. When Morey took the helm in Houston in 2007, the Rockets future did not look promising. The Rockets had two superstars in Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming, but the two stars were injury prone. Plus, the Rockets often traded picks to acquire role players such as Shane Battier. This resulted in the Rockets becoming an old team that would often get bounced in the first round of the playoffs.

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  • After the Rockets lost in the 2009 playoffs to the Rockets, Morey recognized that the Rockets had to rebuild.

    As a result, Morey began acquiring undervalued assets such as Kevin Martin in order to rebuild competitively.

    Rules To NBA Stars

    Morey understood that stars ruled the NBA and the only way to acquire one is through the draft, free agency, or trade. As a result, Morey would have enough assets to trade for James Harden in 2012 and the cap space to sign role players such as Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon.

    The Sixers are in a better situation than the Rockets were at any point in their competitive rebuild. Hinkie recognized that the Sixers had very few assets in 2013 and needed a full rebuild. As a result, the 76ers have one of the largest stockpiles of assets in league history. Ranking how valuable they are is tough, but here’s how I would rank the 76ers assets.

    1. Ben Simmons

    Why Simmons over Embiid? Because Ben Simmons has three years left compared to Embiid having one. Simmons is a point forward that can play any position from 1-4. His passing vision rivals passing gurus such as Ricky Rubio and Chris Paul. Remember in summer league when Simmons was making plays like this.

    With Simmons build and abilities, a lot of fans are comparing him to LeBron James, which drives up his trade value. In my opinion, Simmons reminds me a lot of Detroit Pistons, Grant Hill. Like Hill, Simmons is an adapt passer who can do it all besides shoot efficiently from three point land. Both players make the game easier for their teammates and define positionless basketball.

    2. Joel Embiid

    Embiid has one year left on his contract, has only played in 31 games and will command max money. Still, Embiid is the Sixers 2nd best asset. Embiid is one of the centers coming into the league that has revolutionized the center position. On offense, Embiid can shoot 3’s and score in the post. On defense, Embiid can block shots and be a presense in the league. Embiid is a star and will only get better.

    Embiid is a big part to the 76ers rebuild. If Embiid stays injury free and continues to improve, the 76ers will have a championship contender. If Embiid struggles to stay on the court, the 76ers will peak as a team that struggles to exit the first round. On one hand, Joel Embiid is the most valuable high risk high reward asset in the league.  On the other hand, he has ’77 Bill Walton potential in my opinion, that’s how good Embiid is.

    The ranking of Joel Embiid  lower than Simmons results from Embiid has one year left on his rookie contract.  In re-signing, he will command max or near max money when he hits free agency in 2018. This is a scary proposition because of Embiid’s inability to stay on the court. As a result, teams are more likely to choose Simmons over The Process.

    3. The third pick in the 2017 NBA Draft

    How fitting is it that the thirrd most valuable asset is the third pick in this years draft? This draft class is one of the deepest draft classes in recent memory. From Josh Jackson to Malik Monk to even Frank Ntilikina, there are plenty of impact players in this draft class. Although the choice at three may be difficult, having the first choice of any player besides Fultz or Ball is intriguing for any team. Many teams such as the Magic, Knicks, and even the Kings will likely call the 76ers about the pick and try to move up. I would not be surprised if the 76ers acquired two first rounders for this pick.

    4. Dario Saric

    Saric is the Croatian LaMar Odom based on his on court performance. Saric is a point forward who can play the three and the four. In his rookie season, Saric averaged 12.8 PPG with 6 Rebounds and 2 Assists in 26 minutes a game. Saric has improved throughout the season and has benefited from the 76ers trading Ersan Illysova at the deadline, averaging 17 PPG with 7 rebounds and 3.5 assists after the all star break.

    On one hand, Saric is a valuable asset that any team could use in a positionless league. On the other hand, he was inefficient his rookie year. His 12.84 PER has general managers saying yikes. In summary, Dario Saric also barely shot over 40% from field goals, which concerns teams in an era obsessed with shooting percentages.

    Dario Saric Upside

    Saric is still the Sixers fourth best asset despite this. Saric has three years left on his contract and is only 23, so he should continue to improve. His skill set is unique enough that teams will inquire about him. If the 76ers keep Saric, he will likely have an Odom like role off the bench as a 6th man. If the 76ers trade him, they could use him as an asset to get a guy like Markelle Fultz.

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    5. The 2019 Unprotected Sacramento Pick

    You know your franchise will struggle when your best asset is Buddy “next JJ Reddick” Hield. The Sacramento Kings have not made the playoffs since people thought that the housing crisis wouldn’t crash because of their mismanagement.  On one hand, the Kings have passed all the check marks for running a sports franchise poorly. They have tied up their cap space to mediocre role players such as Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, Kosta Kofus and more.

    On the other hand, the team has drafted terribly, drafting Jimmer Fredette over Klay Thompson and Thomas Robinson over Damian Lillard.  In fact, they have failed to retain young talent by letting Isaiah Thomas walk, so they could sign Darren “GOAT CP3 backup” Collison. They even created this video.

    This team risks misfortunes for years to come. They have finally realized that they need a full scale rebuild and have been shedding bad contacts and acquiring assets.  And so far it has been working. This year, they hold two picks in the top 10 in one of the deepest drafts in recent memory.

    Rebuild Now, Pay Later

    In rebuilding around rookies, wins come few and far between  That translates in a greater likelihood for the 76ers to land the King’s first rounder as a top 10 pick.  Of course, there are no guarantees.

    The Kings could hit the jackpot in this draft. It’s very possible they could end up with someone like DeAaron Fox and Lauri Markkanen. By the time of that 2019 NBA Draft, the Kings may become a fringe playoff team. With Dave Joeger at the helm, I would not be surprised if this happened. Joeger is one of the best coaches in the league and has gotten the most out his teams. In the NBA anything is possible. Right KG?

    However, the Kings are still the Kings. This is an organization that took Willie Cauley Stein over Myles Turner and Devin Booker. This pick will likely be in the top 10, but the uncertainty makes it the 5th best asset.

    6. The Lakers Unprotected 2018 First Round Pick

    Never forget that the Phoenix Suns traded this pick in that amazing 3 team trade where the Suns got the guard version of Jahlil Okafor (Brandon Knight) and the Bucks acquired Michael Carter Williams. This pick has continuly had protections that have allowed the Lakers to keep the selection. Next year, the 76ers will acquire the pick after three years.

    The Lakers should improve from last year. Earlier in the season, Luke Walton had the Lakers playing near .500 ball ,which should be promising to Lakers fans. With the 2nd overall pick, the Lakers will also get an impact player who’s passing vision and offensive abilities should give the Lakers hope.

    Young Lake

    However, the Lakers are still very young. This is a young team that lacks experience. To make matters worse, this is a team who has Luol Deng and Timothey Mozgov on the books for THRIRTY FOUR MILLION DOLLARS COMBINED, which means the pick will be in the lottery. Also, Magic Johnson is the President of Basketball Operations and previous tweets prove he doesn’t have the best judgement.

    This pick is a valuable asset, however the 2018 draft is loaded with bigmen, which is not great for the 76ers. As a result, this gives the 76ers less leverage compared to the 2019 Unprotected Sacramento Kings pick.

    7. Furkan Korkmaz

    I have loved Korkmaz as a prospect for years. Korkmaz is 19 years old and will be on a four year deal, making around a million a year, if he chooses to come over this year or next year. Korkmaz was one of the most underrated players in the 2016 NBA draft, getting compared to Gordan Hayward throughout the draft process.

    However, Korkmaz is still very raw. If Korkmaz comes over this year, he will likely have to spend time with the 87ers in his rookie season. He isn’t ready to contribute from day one at this point in his career.

    Buyout But…

    It will also be difficult to negotiate a buyout for Korkmaz as well. According to the CBA, if Korkmaz stays overseas for two more seasons, he will be free to negotiate with the team that holds his draft rights for any amount of money. The last time a talented international player did this was Nikola Mirotic, who received a 3 year, 15 million dollar deal in 2014 from the Bulls.

    Korkmaz is very talented ,but raw. He could be a starter for a championship team. He just needs time to grow and develop. He’s a low risk high reward asset, who could be the final piece for the 76ers to get a star or move up in the draft to select Markelle Fultz.

    8. Timothe Luwawu- Cabarrot

    Like Korkmaz, TLC was a talented prospect who fell in the draft over concerns about his NBA rediness and buyout issues. TLC was the most improved 76er this season, starting the year as a bench guy and finishing the year showing his potential.

    Luwawu-Cabarrot is a future 3 and D wing, who will be an amazing fit for this 76ers team. TLC knows his role and thrives in it. As a result, he has gained the respect of many people in the Sixers organization including Brett Brown, who considers him a keeper for the future.

    Luwawu-Cabarrot should continue to improve throughout his career on a Sixers team that will give him playing time and opportunities to succeed. TLC’s value as a 3 and D raises his trade value. However, some teams want to win right away and TLC can’t help a contender like the Houston Rockets or the Cleveland Cavilears at this point of his career, so he stays at 8.

    9. Robert Covington

    Covington is the 76ers 3rd best player right now. An undrafted free agent out of Tennessee State University, Covington has become a great 3 and D player for the 76ers. His versitility allows Brett Brown to play a wide variety of lineups and continues to improve every year.

    Despite this, Covington will command max or near max money next offseason. Three and D players always get these type of deals. Nic Batum got a max deal last offseason and I would be shocked if Covington signed a deal for less than 20 million a year.

    Another thing that hurts Covington’s trade value is if the 76ers select Josh Jackson. Jackson has a similar skill set to Covington and as a result, would hurt Covington’s trade value. This could cause a similar situation to the Nerlens Noel situation and result in the 76ers not getting equal value for Covington.

    Covington is a great player, but until he shoots over 40% from field goals or is signed to a reasonable, long- term deal, he will not rise in the rankings.

    10. Richaun Holmes

    Holmes has become one of the best draft picks in The Process era. On one hand, Richaun Holmes made tremendous improvements last season and outplayed Jahlil Oakafor. On the other hand, Holmes has proven to be a keeper for the future and has a bright career as Joel Embiid’s backup. Holmes is on a reasonable deal as well and I would not be suprised if a contender offers a first for Holmes at the trade deadline next year.

    11. Justin Anderson

    Acquired with the fake draft pick in the Nerlens Noel trade, 76ers fans did not have high expectations for the Virginia product. Anderson proved them wrong by playing reasonably well in his time in Philadelphia. Anderson is a leader on the court and continues to improve. His ceiling is not a high as Korkmaz’s or TLC’s ,but he should be a solid role player for years to come.

    12. OKC’s 2020 Top 20 Protected Pick

    As long as the Thunder have Russell Westbrook, they should continue to be good. However, if this pick does not convey it becomes two 2nd round picks, which makes it less valuable. Still, a first is a first round pick.

    13. TJ “Toy Jesus” McConnell

    LeBron tried to get the Cavs to acquire the scrappy point guard at the deadline, but the 76ers said no. McConnell is on a team friendly deal and is a valuable role player. However, there are plenty of point guards in the NBA, so his value is not as high as it should be to other teams.

    14. All the 2nd rounders we have

    Cheap unguaranteed contracts are always great. Although, there isn’t as much talent in the 2nd round, those picks are still valuable. Nikola Jokic, Draymond Green, Paul Millsap and Isaiah Thomas were all 2nd round picks, so these picks are still valuable.

    15. Jerryd Bayless/ Gerald Henderson

    They make a lot of money, but they are nice veteran presences in this young lockerroom. They have little value and are unlikely to be traded.

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    16. A Really Good Cheesesteak in Philadelphia

    Very valuable for a league in which many players need to bulk up.  One Cheesesteak from Tony Luke’s for Terry Rozier who says no?

    17. Jahlil Okafor

    Center Jahlil Okafor is just the worst.

    Okafor was the third player selected in the 2015 NBA Draft, but everyone and their mother knows the 76ers want to trade him. Brett Brown even didn’t list him as a keeper for the future, which is a huge concern. The Philadelphia 76ers would be lucky to get a first for the struggling Duke center.

    Okafor also has proven last season that his ceiling is Enes Kanter. Okafor is a good offensive player. In fact, he has a good post game already. Okafor can score 20 points a game, but will give up 30 and play defense that makes Andrea Bargnani look like Dikembe Mutombo.

    If Okafor’s 76ers career was a movie it would be the Green Hornet. Okafor has just been awful and been constantly outplayed by 2nd round pick, Richaun Holmes. As a 76ers fan, I would be fine if we traded Okafor for two 2nd rounders or even a Classic Hoagie from Wawa. That’s how poorly I envision Jahlil Okafor’s fit on this team.