NBA Trade Value 2017-2018

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With the exciting offseason moves ending for the Philadelphia 76ers and others, many GMs are upset over the state of their roster. Today we look at the 50 players with the best trade value in the league.

The other day I was watching NBA TV and found out that former Philadelphia 76ers center and process great, Nerlens Noel, has yet to be signed. Nerlens is commanding a max deal, which would cause his contract to be a disaster for whatever team signed the former Kentucky product. Because of this, I thought of what fifty players would have the most trade value today. I decided to compose a list of these players.

Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia 76ers /

Philadelphia 76ers

First the Rules

A. Salaries matter. The cheaper and longer the deal, the better.

B. Players options were expected to be declined since players opt out 99 percent of the time now.

C. Team options were accepted because team options for young players are accepted 99 percent of the time.

D. Age matters. Would you rather have Lonzo Ball for 15 years or Kyle Lowry for five?

Tough Cuts

Carmelo Anthony — Because the Knicks might have to release him to be free of Melo
DeAndre Jordan — No success outside Doc Rivers system

Marc Gasol — Gets hurt too much, bad contract, old

Mike Conley — Good player, bad contract

Avery Bradley — Due a max next offseason

Paul Millsap — Good player, historically awful contract

Blake Griffin — Max deal for a player whose game is reliant on athleticism and nearing 30? No thank you.

50. Willy Hernangomez

A cheap talented big on a great deal for the next three years that the Knicks will trade away or destroy his career.

49. Jayson Tatum

An old school Rudy Gay-type player who the Celtics nearly took at the number one spot before the 76ers sent them a great offer. Tatum can put up points, but he looks disinterested. Still, the fact that the Celtics turned down Fultz to take him proves his value.

48. Malcolm Brogdon

The “rookie of the year” who was the “best rookie” even though he struggled to win the starting job from Matthew Dellevadova. Brogdon is still on a very affordable contract and will continue to improve.

47. Brook Lopez

An old school big on an expiring deal. If the Lakers wanted to, they could flip him for a first at the deadline. He is an excellent fit with Lonzo Ball and his value should rise as the season progresses.

46. Thon Maker

The NBA’s most mysterious young player. Maker has enough potential and wingspan to be the star the Bucks put next to Giannis. However, Maker is still extremely young and won’t produce positively until maybe his third or fourth year. Still, the Bucks may call Maker untouchable in deals for players like Lopez and Hernangomez