What is behind the curtain for Philadelphia 76ers Markelle Fultz?

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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The Philadelphia 76ers Markelle Fultz is shrouded in a mystery of the team’s own making. Injured/not Injured? Shooting/can’t shoot? As more time passes, the deeper the mystery becomes

You know you simply are not a key prospect for the Philadelphia 76ers if you do not miss a significant part of your rookie season. Joel Embiid missed two years. Ben Simmons missed a year. And now Markelle Fultz is missing his first season too. But in the case of Fultz, there are plenty of questions: Why?

Reports began with citing a shoulder injury to Markelle Fultz, causing unbalance in his shot. Then it grew to something more major than just a sore shoulder.  It became an injury which neutralized his incredible shooting, some of which became viral fodder on social media. And just when you thought this story was over, and Fultz’s shot is starting to look pretty good, THIS popped up on social media:

Who trusts anyone?

It’s Markelle Fultz himself…

and he is telling us to trust no one. Still, Philly fans do not trust as a rule.  The challenge of this matter is the tangled web woven over top-pick Markelle Fultz.  He entered the NBA as a 19 year-old guard with a ridiculously accurate shot and an artistic flair to the game of basketball.  He flourished in his one year of NCAA basketball on a team which did not emphasize defense or scheme. In short, he was a dancer on a basketball court to a team which offered him the entire court upon which to work.