Dario Saric deserves discussion as champion caliber component

PHILADELPHIA,PA - MARCH 19 : Dario Saric /
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PHILADELPHIA,PA – MARCH 19 : Dario Saric /

His word is his bond

One of the most fascinating aspects of the entire NBA is this willingness and ability of young men from around the globe to pack up and come to the United States to pursure their dreams of playing professional basketball here.  That’s a huge change for young men in any profession.

But for the professional athlete, the presumption is that there are no distractions.  And that’s just the culture shock. But the Saric family standard is far above that. Dario Saric committed to arrive to the NBA after two seasons.  And despite millions of economic reasons to stay overseas, he came.

Two years too long to wait for most teams

After all, he gave his word.  He promised to come to the NBA when the Philadelphia 76ers traded with the Orlando Magic.  The 76ers gave up  their 10th pick – point guard Elfrid Payton – for the Magic’s 12th pick – power forward Dario Saric – and the 2017 first round pick traded away for Andrew Bynum, and the 2015 second round pick which delivered Richaun Holmes.  The trade was so spectacular that it deserves to be revisited.  Payton now plays for the Phoenix Suns.

Saric plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. And he plays very well indeed. But first, he honored his commitment to Euroleague team Anadolu Efes. Two years stashed overseas fit the Philadelphia 76ers timetable perfectly.