Philadelphia 76ers fittingly face Minnesota Timberwolves to earn playoffs

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Trolls begone!

A pack of feral trolls from the national media to the least followed twitter account has hounded the 76ers for five years. At each opportunity, national sports talking heads swipe at Philadelphia teams to rouse controversy and views. Trolls run with that line of thinking and hounded Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and now Markelle Fultz. Anything related to the Philadelphia 76ers is fair game.

To get them off the Sixers’ heels, some serious wins need to happen. Not just scoring at the buzzer, but blowout style success. Despite the first NBA Playoff appearance by Coach Brett Brown and this team, they need to do more than just show up. Advancing to round two should be a 76ers minimum.

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Sixers never forget

You see, Philadelphia 76ers fans haven’t forgotten that embarrassing loss to Minnesota. I doubt Joel Embiid has either. Still, both teams have bigger fish to fry. This is just a “test game” to see who has progressed ahead of the other. But the real contests happen when these teams square off against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.

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The ultimate goal for either team is to dethrone the Golden State Warriors. And by 2020, I believe the Philadelphia 76ers will be capable of doing so. For today, it’s enough just to get into the playoffs. And in my mind, there is no more fitting team at whose expense to to so than the Timberwolves. After all, fans want that last win to enter the NBA Playoffs to be extra sweet. Beating Minnesota again to advance in playoffs seems too Philly to pass up.