Philadelphia 76ers: 15 greatest draft picks in franchise history

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Ben Simmons, who was the No. 1 overall pick in 2016, is a poster child for The Process. After years of tanking in an attempt to grab high-end talent at the top of the draft, Sam Hinkie’s plan finally yielded the top pick.

And, while Bryan Colangelo took over the plan that summer, the Sixers hit a home run. Simmons missed his first season with a broken foot, but put together a stellar rookie campaign in 2017-18, averaging 15.8 points, 8.1 rebounds and 8.2 assists per game while leading the Sixers to 52 wins.

Simmons obviously lacks the career accomplishments of most players on this list. But if we’re ranking draft picks, Simmons holds a uniquely important spot on this list. He’s arguably the most talented individual and has the potential to lead the next generation of competitive Sixers teams.

Philly hasn’t won anything yet, but Simmons is drawing Magic Johnson comparisons with regularity. Kevin Pelton of ESPN said Simmons might be the best all-around rookie ever. He’s a special talent who, despite being in the early stages of his career, has earned his spot on this list.