Richaun Holmes’ mother gives exciting update on Markelle Fultz

Dr. Lydecia Holmes — mother of Richaun — dropped some promising hints about Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz on The Burner Podcast.

The Philadelphia 76ers recently traded Richaun Holmes to the Phoenix Suns, dumping the athletic lob-catcher to open up space for incoming rookie Jonah Bolden. After three years in Philly, the former second-round pick will look to revive his career with another rebuilding team.

After the trade was announced, the folks at Sixers Front Office’s The Burner Podcast spoke with Richaun’s mother, Dr. Lydecia Holmes, about her son’s time with the Sixers. They touched on a variety of topics, ranging for Holmes’ upbringing to the difference between the Hinkie and Colangelo regimes.

There is a ton of good information, giving us a glimpse of Holmes’ mindset as his development sputtered last season. One of the most exciting quotes from Dr. Holmes, though, was about someone else entirely: Markelle Fultz.

People have long praised Fultz as a high-character kid, both on and off the floor. That’s part of the reason why so many fans are standing in his corner as next season approaches. Dr. Holmes seconded those sentiments, saying Fultz is like another son to her.

She also gave her thoughts on Fultz’s work this summer and where his game is trending.

“Markelle is going to be very, very surprising this season. You’re going to be very pleased with Markelle. He is going to show you something this year… on and off the court.” — Dr. Lydecia Holmes on The Burner Podcast

When asked if she had seen Fultz’s (allegedly improved) jumper in workouts, Holmes has this to say.

“Yes I have. Yes I have. He’s going to be something to reckon with. Philly has a great team… They’re going to have a great team.”

Much has been made about Fultz and his jumper over the past year. We’ve never seen the reigning No. 1 pick forget how to shoot and then attempt to re-learn the next summer. There just isn’t much of a precedent for that, so it’s hard to gauge what expectations should be.

With that said, Fultz has always had the natural talent of an All-Star caliber guard. If he’s able work out the kinks in his shot, there’s every reason to believe Fultz can become the third star that Sixers fans have been yearning for. The Sixers are star-developing.

The confidence of those around Fultz should be viewed as an immensely positive development. Drew Hanlen wouldn’t be hyping up his client if the results weren’t promising. Brett Brown has voiced his optimism multiple times. And now Dr. Holmes, who has seen Fultz work out, joins that list.

We’ll see how the Washington product looks once next season rolls around.

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