Philadelphia 76ers: Bryan Colangelo in talks with Canada Basketball

Former Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo may not be out of a job for too much longer.

The fall of the Philadelphia 76ers former president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo is well chronicled. Resigning after it was revealed that his wife made fake twitter accounts leaking privileged information about the club seemed to be the most graceful way for Colangelo to leave the franchise.

The indiscretion of Colangelo and his wife has surely tarnished his reputation within NBA circles. One would assume that it would take some time before Colangelo could get a quality job within the basketball community. However, Colangelo may have a chance at redemption in the near future according to Michael Grange of Sportnet.

“According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation another former NBA executive with deep Canadian ties — former Toronto Raptors president Bryan Colangelo — has significant interest in contributing to the program in some capacity. There have been preliminary talks between Colangelo and those close to the CB board with more to follow.”

It’s important to note that Grange wrote that the Sixers former front office executive could reconstruct his image working for Canada Basketball. Grange included this information about Colangelo in the same article that covered the hiring of Glen Glunwald as Canada Basketball’s chief executive officer and president.

Considering this comes just a few months after the 76ers and Colangelo parted ways is surprising. The fact that Colangelo is even being considered for a position within professional basketball so quickly should have Sixers fans and Canadian basketball players raise their eye brows. It seems like such a short time for the former front office executive to repair all the broken trust that stems from his wife’s burner accounts.

Bringing Colangelo in at any level of Canada Basketball could hurt the organization’s credibility as well as cause a lack of trust to build between the players and the executives. While Grange might be right that holding a position within Canada Basketball could help Colangelo’s career, it shouldn’t be at the price of the organization.

Whether or not Colangelo is actually even offered any type of position with Canada Basketball is yet to be seen. However, the fact that Colangelo has talked with the organization about a potential job should have Canadian players alarmed. While this development doesn’t have an affect on the Philadelphia 76ers and their fans, it’s at least a very surprising turn of events for the disgraced former president of basketball operations.