Philadelphia 76ers: 3 reasons Elton Brand will succeed as the general manager

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(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Elton Brand was a successful player in the NBA and, after barely over a year in executive positions, has now been handed the controls to the Philadelphia 76ers. Here are three reasons he will now be a successful GM.

You know the guy in the office everyone likes, although they are not quite sure what he does. Mention his name and any employee will go “Oh (blank) great guy, super person” and you won’t find anyone with a bad word about them them.

That is Elton Brand.

In all the hoopla surrounding the announcement of his appointment as the new general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, you will not find a single negative word about the 17-year NBA vet as a person.

And do not dismiss his likability as one of the factors in being hired. Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer has noted several times the organization was looking for someone who could ‘win press conferences’.

Having gone through silent Sam Hinkie and thin-skinned (way too think-skinned as it turned out) Bryan Colangelo as GM, they were looking for someone who has a good relationship with the media and could bring a positive outlook to the fans.

Of course, the fact Brand does not have a Twitter account (at least in his own name) and does not wear shirts with big collars are also two points in his favor.

But there are three main reasons that Elton Brand should have a successful term as the Sixers general manager.

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