Robert Covington’s popularity growing among Philadelphia 76ers fans

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(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Robert Covington is the best defender on the Philadelphia 76ers and their second best shooter. Fans have had their troubles with RoCo but this year he is emerging as one of the most popular Sixers studs.

Philadelphia 76ers fans have had their frustrations with Robert Covington in previous seasons. Whether it was for his streaky shooting, highly contested three-point attempts, or lack of ability to score inside of the three-point line, this year he has shown no signs of the RoCo of old.

Robert Covington was first team all-defense last year and has shown that he is one of the elite perimeter defenders in the NBA. His defense has never been something fans criticize him for — it was one of the key elements that charted the 76ers breakout season in 2017.

Robert Covington’s streaky shooting has been quite prevalent in the past. The first half of last season, RoCo shot over 40 percent from deep to then struggle throughout the rest of the season, shooting a dismal 31 percent during the 2018 playoffs.

Covington’s shooting slump, combined with his continued low-quality highly contested three-point attempts drove fans crazy. Covington also air balled more jumpers than the average player, which is not pleasing to fans.

This year, however, Robert Covington has changed in the eyes of the 76ers fan. He has looked to improve all aspects of his game and is becoming one of the Sixers fans’ favorites. Here are three reasons why.

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