Philadelphia 76ers: 5 rookies Elton Brand might regret passing on

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The Philadelphia 76ers passed on several high-end prospects. A few might sting down the road.

It’s important to preface this article with my thoughts on Matisse Thybulle. He was a strong pick — the No. 15 prospect on my board and a clean fit. His 3-and-D skill set has clear value in the modern NBA, not to mention Brett Brown’s system.

When analyzing the Philadelphia 76ers‘ draft position, the assets given up to obtain Thybulle, and the other picks traded, however, the picture becomes less rosy. The Sixers won’t live to regret taking Thybulle in a vacuum. But they might regret passing on a few of his fellow rookies.

The Sixers’ team-building philosophy is straightforward: tough, experienced players who can guard — who are good people. Thybulle fits the bill. So does Zhaire Smith. I’m generally in favor of teams identifying defining characteristics, building a plan and sticking to their guns.

Thybulle will have a tough road to minutes next season, with both James Ennis and Smith expected to proceed him in the rotation. But there’s a path to minutes nonetheless, and long term he should have a role.

There are, of course, some flaws in Philadelphia’s approach. Contrary to popular belief, there’s risk in taking older prospects over younger prospects, who might have a higher ceiling and more room to grow. Trading away oodles of second-round picks isn’t an ideal approach either, plan or no plan.

Here are some prospects the Sixers might regret passing on.