Philadelphia 76ers and Marvel: The Avengers as Sixers

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Captain America: Al Horford

The Avengers’ moral backbone and a strong locker room presence (we’ll ignore the whole Civil War thing … for now), Captain America has some real similarities to Al Horford, the mild-mannered vet who signed in Philadelphia this summer.

First and foremost, age. They’re both old. Also, in a tangent not at all unique to Horford, Philadelphia = Declaration of Independence = America. Yes, that means Horford = Captain America. It’s galaxy brain stuff, but rest assured, there are no faults in my mathematically provable logic.

Again, ignoring Civil War for the purposes of this argument and focusing mostly on Winter Solider and Endgame, Steve Rogers is a calm, collected leader who’s willing to sacrifice himself for the betterment of his teammates. He’s morally good — he wielded Mjolnir! — and often leads the Avengers by example.

Also, can we talk about his passing? Steve can whip his shield on a dime, at any angle, and always hit his target. Even for a genetically enhanced superhuman, it’s still impressive. One of the best passing bigs on earth, a status Horford shares.

If we want to include Civil War in our argument, Horford was in Boston for a few years. A sworn enemy of the people who, when the time was right, came into the fold to help save the universe. He might not’ve been huge in the first fight against Thanos (more on that later), but in the end, Cap came through.