Philadelphia 76ers: 5 opponents the fans will actually cheer for

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The fans of the Philadelphia 76ers are known for being very tough on opponents, right from team introductions. However, there are five players who will get big cheers when they show up in Philly.

The fans who pack Sixers home games are not friendly to the opposing team. When Josh Richardson was traded to the Sixers in July, the first thing he noted was that he no longer would get berated by the spectators in Philly.

"“I remember the fans letting me have it!” he said according to USA Today. “Every game just like ‘You’re trash! We hate you! Blah, blah, blah’ like constant every game.”"

Nope, Sixers fans are not kind, unless you count giving the finger as nice, to opponents at all. It is part of the reason the 76ers have made getting the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference such a priority, they know they have a larger-than-normal home court advantage thanks to its passionate fan base.

Is there any question that if Game 7 vs. Toronto was in Philly, the 76ers would have won? (the correct answer is No).

But Philly fans are not complete haters. In baseball, Chase Utley always received a warm welcome when he came back to play the Phillies, and you know Eagles fans will wildly cheer if Nick Foles ever shows up to play their beloved Birds.

While 76ers fans are as determined to get an NBA title as the team, there are five players who will not feel their wrath this season when they step on the floor to face the Sixers.

All five either played for the Sixers or a local college and have simply built up too much good will, and established themselves as ‘good guys’ to receive anything but applause from the normally cantankerous fans.

So, in order of how much the ovation should be, are five opposing players who in 2019-20 Sixers fans will cheer for.