Rotations that are working well for the Philadelphia 76ers so far

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Which Philadelphia 76ers rotations have had success through six games?

Brett Brown has gotten a chance to be creative with his lineups, especially with Joel Embiid missing three of six games so far. The addition of Al Horford has proven to be vital, with Embiid gone and Horford taking the center position. The Philadelphia 76ers finally have a reliable backup center and that has been the most important change in the lineup compared to last season.

Embiid and Ben Simmons have different styles of play, and thus always makes it tougher for Brett to accommodate both of them when they’re on the court together. Embiid prefers a slower paced game, giving him time to settle in the paint and post up.  Simmons favors speed and scoring in transition while galloping to the basket and not letting the opposing defense settle in. This leaves Brown to try and find  the right pieces for each other when they’re not on together.

Despite their games being completely different, they both need the same type of players around them — shooters. If Embiid is doubled then he can get it to the open man to knock it down. If the paint is clogged in transition, Simmons can pass it back to the open man to knock it down. Three-point shooting is instrumental to have around them. With no spacing, both of their offensive game suffers.

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