2019-20 NBA All-Star picks: Who represents the Philadelphia 76ers?

Joel Embiid | Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Joel Embiid | Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia 76ers
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F. <strong>36.6 min | 25.1 pts | 8.0 reb | 3.6 ast | 1.0 stl | 1.0 blk | 2.7 TO | .457/.392/.813</strong>. . Toronto Raptors. PASCAL SIAKAM

The Raptors are a genuine second-tier contender in the East the year after Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green bolted in free agency. It’s a testament to Toronto’s depth, but also Pascal Siakam, who has stepped seamlessly into the No. 1 scoring role. He could earn consecutive Most Improved Player nominations.

Siakam has ratcheted up his three-point shooting and boosted his efficiency. He’s still a handful in straight-line drives, and his knack for winning races up court keeps Toronto dangerous on the fast break. He’s not a shabby defender either.

BEN SIMMONS. G. <strong>35.1 min | 14.5 pts | 7.1 reb | 8.5 ast | 2.2 stl | 0.6 blk | 3.7 TO | .560/.400/.588</strong>. . Philadelphia 76ers

Ben Simmons deserves more Defensive Player of the Year love. At 6-foot-10, he leads the NBA in steals per game. His physical gifts also allow him to aptly defend five positions, an attribute few players truly possess. He sticks to the opposition’s top scorer like glue, and his effort seldom wanes.

It has been a down year offensively for Simmons, but it’s more a function of his environment than him. He won’t shoot, but he’s a more diverse finisher at the rim, a wiz passing the ball, and a steady presence on the glass. Call it whatever you’d like — Simmons’ season deserves an All-Star berth.

KEMBA WALKER. G. <strong>32.3 min | 22.5 pts | 3.9 reb | 5.2 ast | 0.9 stl | 0.6 blk | 2.3 TOV | .432/.398/.874</strong>. . Boston Celtics

A poetic blend of shifty handles, intoxicating step-backs, and feathery finishes, Kemba Walker ranks near the top of the league in entertainment value. Now he’s in a position to blend his sizzling aesthetic with winning basketball, and the results have been quite enjoyable.

The Celtics are a fun, fluid offense, with several well-fitted pieces who — in a stark departure from last season — feed well off one another. Walker has earned the ‘selfish’ label in the past, and for totally incorrect reasons. He’s a gem on-ball, but he’s equally as effective off the ball, launching off-balance threes and relentlessly cutting to open spots.

. Boston Celtics. JAYLEN BROWN. G. <strong>33.6 min | 20.6 pts | 7.0 reb | 2.4 ast | 1.1 stl | 0.3 blk | 2.0 TO | .518/.400/.752</strong>

This is a toughie. Jayson Tatum has a compelling argument and Boston might end up with three All-Stars. For now, Jaylen Brown gets the nod due to his tremendous uptick in efficiency. After a junior year dud, Brown has lived up to his lofty contract extension.

Brown has improved across the board this season — his handles are better, he’s drilling 40 percent of his threes, and his free throw percentage is up 10 ticks. He’s not the defender Tatum is, but Brown has carved out a significant role in Boston’s future.

F. <strong>34.4 min | 15.6 pts | 10.7 reb | 4.5 ast | 1.4 stl | 1.2 blk | 2.9 TO | .570/.111/.684</strong>. . Miami Heat. BAM ADEBAYO

Another Defensive Player of the Year candidate in a crowded early field, Bam Adebayo has revolutionized his game in year three. The Kentucky product has doubled his shot attempts without sacrificing his efficiency. He has also emerged as an elite passer at the five spot, locating teammates as a roller and playmaking out of the post.

Adebayo deserves immense credit for Miami’s unexpected success on both ends of the floor. Much of the attention has gone to Butler, for obvious reasons, but Adebayo has stepped up as a true second star. He should get his first All-Star nod.

<strong>28.2 min | 18.8 pts | 5.7 reb | 3.8 ast | 1.0 stl | 0.2 blk | 2.1 TO | .480/.396/.895</strong>. . Milwaukee Bucks. KHRIS MIDDLETON. F

The Bucks’ dominance deserves reward in the form of a second All-Star. Khris Middleton doesn’t jump off the page statistically, but he’s also playing the least minutes of anyone on this list (hint: it’s because the Bucks are so stinkin’ good). He has upped his efficiency over last season, and he continues to thrive in Bud’s revamped Milwaukee offense.

Middleton deserves respect for the sacrifices he has made in Milwaukee’s offense. He’s no longer married to the mid-range, instead honing in on his clean three-point stroke. He’s as good a fit as one could imagine next to Giannis.

G. <strong>34.9 min | 28.5 pts | 4.3 reb | 8.3 ast | 1.2 stl | 0.1 blk | 4.7 TO | .444/.368/.845</strong>. . Atlanta Hawks. TRAE YOUNG

The Hawks are the worst team in basketball. That alone will disqualify Trae Young for some voters, and that’s fine. There are plenty of deserving candidates in the East this season. Atlanta’s struggles don’t fall on Young’s shoulders, however, and his raw production is hard to overlook.

Young is a game-breaking (offensive) talent. He can shatter ankles, bomb shots from 30 feet, and think up passes reminiscent of the game’s greats. He is arguably the most complete passer in basketball as a 21-year-old. Defensive maladies and all, Trae gets a nod.

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