2019-20 NBA All-Star picks: Who represents the Philadelphia 76ers?

Joel Embiid | Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Joel Embiid | Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /


G. <strong>32.4 min | 29.1 pts | 9.6 reb | 8.9 ast | 1.2 stl | 0.1 blk | 4.2 TO | .472/.325/.809</strong>. . Dallas Mavericks. LUKA DONCIC

With all due respect to the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings, COME ON. Everyone — and I mean almost everyone — had Luka Doncic No. 1 on their draft boards. No one could have foreseen his rapid rise to MVP-type status, but his status as a once-in-a-generation prospect was never in question.

The Mavs are surprise contenders behind Luka’s barrage of step-backs, skip passes, and touch shots. At 6-foot-8 and without what one might consider elite athleticism, he is carving up NBA defenses like Thanksgiving turkeys. Poor Sacramento.

G. <strong>37.5 min | 38.2 pts | 5.8 reb | 7.5 ast | 1.8 stl | 0.8 blk | 4.7 TO | .461/.383/.860</strong>. . Houston Rockets. JAMES HARDEN

The Beard is a full-blown cheat code. James Harden has managed to improve on a historic offensive campaign — he’s averaging damn near 40 points a game, and his efficiency has gone up. Up! The Rockets still have lingering concerns as a team, but no one can deny Harden’s individual greatness.

On raw numbers alone, Harden is a lock in the starting five. He’s also a lock in the MVP discussion, and a lock in the discussion of all-time great scorers. I don’t understand the wave of complaints aimed at Harden every night. He’s as smart and crafty as any player in the NBA. It’s a sublime viewing experience.

LEBRON JAMES. F. <strong>35.1 min | 25.3 pts | 7.7 reb | 10.9 ast | 1.3 stl | 0.6 blk | 3.8 TO | .489/.343/.686</strong>. F. Los Angeles Lakers

In a shocking and truly unexpected development — one that has rocked the world to its very core — LeBron James is still good at basketball. His 2018-19 season was more a throwaway than a sign of meaningful regression. James has definitely had his lumps as a free throw shooter and defender, but he still occupies the league’s best player debate.

The Lakers are a buzzsaw when locked in, at least when it comes to regular season basketball. James has done everything possible to ease Anthony Davis into the system, and the Lakers have done a much better job complementing James’ skill set this time around. He leads the NBA in assists.

F. <strong>31.7 min | 25.3 pts | 7.6 reb | 5.2 ast | 1.8 stl | 0.6 blk | 3.3 TO | .454/.356/.888</strong>. . Los Angeles Clippers. KAWHI LEONARD

Kawhi Leonard has seen a worrying decline in efficiency, which has led to speculation about his health, both short and long-term. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to ignore his presence as a top-five NBA player, an all-world defender, and all of a sudden, a dynamic playmaker on the wing.

Leonard’s one glaring flaw during the Toronto run was his passing. Or, more precisely, his ability to make quick, advanced reads. He would often hesitate when faced with a double, which would allow the defense time to recover. That’s no longer an issue. Leonard is averaging a career high assists per game, and his decisions have sped up tremendously. Leonard, on his A-game, will give L.A. a shot at the title.

Los Angeles Lakers. ANTHONY DAVIS. F. <strong>35.2 min | 27.3 pts | 9.3 reb | 3.3 ast | 1.4 stl | 2.5 blk | 2.4 TO | .502/.288/.853</strong>.

Anthony Davis’ production has barely taken a hit since joining LeBron in L.A.. He’s the Lakers’ top scorer, and his 2.5 blocks per game is one of several stats included in a convincing case for Defensive Player of the Year as the calendar flips.

A killer face-up threat, an imposing post scorer, and good for the occasional three, Davis checks every box on offense. He has even developed a nice passing repertoire over the past couple seasons — far from elite, but good enough to sooth prior concerns. He’s a lock.