Philadelphia 76ers 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

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Matisse Thybulle

By: Sam Coltrane

Matisse Thybulle is off to a solid start as a rookie as he ranks third among all rookies in Value-Over-Replacement-Player (VORP) at the time of writing this piece. He hasn’t been asked to do too much as he is playing 18 minutes a night while attempting less than four field goals per game.

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Philadelphia came into the year expecting to be an all-time potential level defense, thus far the defense has only been good. That said, it isn’t Thybulle’s fault as he has been providing highlight plays, tremendous effort, and good positioning throughout the season as he averages over four stocks per 36 minutes.

Thybulle does have room to grow, though. His offensive game is limited. He is currently a player capable of strictly catch-and-shoot three pointers and transition baskets. It is crucial that Thybulle prove a consistent three-pointer and remain active while doing so more often to demand that come playoffs his defender can’t further cloud the paint.

He currently has a 11.5 usage percentage. Thybulle’s resolution should be to bump his usage up to 15 percent by season’s end whether the increase leads to mistakes or not. Mistakes in the regular season allow for growth and as a needed playoff contributor, that growth must come.