Philadelphia 76ers 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

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Joel Embiid

By: Lucas Johnson

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The New Year’s resolution for Joel Embiid is simple, cut down on the turnovers. The franchise big man doesn’t have very many flaws in his game. He can dominate in the paint, shooting outside, pass, rebound and defend, but one thing that’s plagued him in his career is turnovers.

For his career he’s averaging 3.5 turnovers and on some good news, he actually cut down on his average turnovers for this season. This year, he’s averaging 3.0 turnovers a game, which is a career best.

Despite that being a career best, it has to improve. The main reason for Embiid’s turnover problems is that he struggles getting the ball out of his hands when other team’s double team him in the post.

He has to continue getting better in that regard if he truly wants to be come a great player. If he can do that without turning the ball over, then there will be no way for other team’s to stop him down in the paint.

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Hopefully, a new year means a new start for the Philadelphia 76ers players, head coach and general manager. Everyone has something to improve upon in 2020, hopefully they are able to do so.