Philadelphia 76ers Player Rankings: Emergence of a star

Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia 76ers, Norvel Pelle (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia 76ers, Norvel Pelle (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

12. Norvel Pelle

January Stats: GP 6| MINS 13.3| FG% 53.3| FT% 25.0| TRB 4.8| AST 0.3| BKL 1.8| STL 0.2| PF 2.5| TOV 0.8| PTS 2.8

Previous ranking: 12th

Despite not having too many days left on his two-way contract, the Sixers decided to play Norvel Pelle over O’Quinn until his two-way contract ran out of days for him to play in the NBA. For the most part, he didn’t play bad. Yes, his offensive is limited, but he blocked shots and rebounded at a high level off the bench. The only negative aspect about January was the fact he got into foul trouble a lot, but that is partially due to his aggressive style of play on defense.

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11. James Ennis

January Stats: GP 11| MINS 10.7| FG% 37.8| 3P% 35.7| FT% 87.5| TRB 2.0| AST 0.5| BKL 0.1| STL 0.5| PF 1.1| TOV 0.6| PTS 3.6

Previous ranking: 8th

January was probably the worst month of play for James Ennis in a 76ers uniform. He wasn’t rebounding at his normal rate and his overall field goal percentage was terrible. The bright side was that he was shooting the 3-point shot okay, but his poor play opened up playing time for Philly’s younger players.

10. Mike Scott

January Stats: GP 13| MINS 15.2| FG% 30.6| 3P% 25.6| FT% 100.0| TRB 3.9| AST 0.5| BKL 0.2| STL 0.4| PF 1.2| TOV 0.2| PTS 4.3

Previous ranking: 6th

Like with Ennis, Mike Scott was terrible in January and lost playing time due to it. He was brought in to stretch the floor and play gritty defense. Sixers fans didn’t see much of either during January. He’s only higher than Ennis in these rankings because of the fact that he still had a bigger role in the rotation despite his struggles.