Philadelphia 76ers: 4 takeaways from J.J. Redick – Jimmy Butler podcast

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Butler’s view of free agency

The team’s lack of leadership and the faults of Brown most likely didn’t help in trying to retain Butler in free agency, but he made his reason for not coming back very clear.

"“‘…Somebody told me a main reason I didn’t go back is because somebody asked, ‘Can you control him? Can you control Jimmy? If you can control Jimmy, we would think about having him back.’ I was like you don’t got to worry about it, [explitive] can’t nobody [explitive] control me. For one, I ain’t just out there doing no [explitive], but the fact that you’re trying to control a grown man, naw I’m cool, because I don’t do nothing that’s just drastically [explitive] stupidly crazy. I do not do that, so do not sit here and come at me with, ‘Oh we got to try and control him.’..Nah, you good, don’t even have to worry about it. That was my whatchamacallit, you don’t got to worry about me coming. If that’s what y’all worried about it, I think man, good luck to y’all…Oh this was early, super early.'”"

Butler had every right to feel upset in this situation. While’s he’s been known as tough and domineering in the locker room, he’s never been a problem guy from the sense of being out of control.

The fact that this was even a thing should be a bigger indictment on Brown and Brand than Butler. If there was a feeling of uneasiness surround Butler, it goes back to a lack of leadership with Brown and Brand.

If both men were strong leaders then Butler’s strong will wouldn’t have been an issue and the team’s current issue of consistency wouldn’t have been an issue this season. Personally, I can’t blame Butler for deciding to go elsewhere.

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Butler revealed some major issues with the leadership of the Philadelphia 76ers on Redick’s podcast. With the same people still in place, it’s no surprise that the Sixers have had their ups and downs this year based on the lack of strength from the organization. This revealed that maybe it’s time for some changes this offseason, but only time will tell.