Philadelphia 76ers: 3 things to ponder during NBA’s hiatus

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(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The NBA is on hold. What should Philadelphia 76ers fans be thinking about?

It’s day four (five?) (six???) of quarantine and the Philadelphia 76ers probably won’t play basketball for a long time. Fans are stuck at home, so are the Sixers, and the entire country seems to have hit pause. What to do, what to do…

We will pivot strongly toward draft content here at The Sixer Sense — it’s fun, somewhat timely, and will play a role in the Sixers’ future. Not too many better ways to fill the void. We will also continue a steady stream of Sixers content. Speculative, analytical, factual; you name it. We’re here for you.

As this hiatus pushes on, I figured it’s a good time to think up things to think about. The Sixers are a strange mess of a team, and this season has created plenty of storylines and subplots to sink one’s teeth into.

With such oddness in mind, I sought to conjure three topics that deserve special rumination during this extended basketball downtime. From a big what-if to more specific in-season details, here are three things to ponder during the NBA’s hiatus.

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