Philadelphia 76ers: 5 most heartbreaking playoff losses in franchise history

(Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
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The Philadelphia 76ers would be playing in the postseason right now if not for the pandemic. With championship aspirations at a halt, let’s look back at some playoff games that make you think, “What if?”

Imagine you are watching your team in the final minutes of the most crucial game of the season. Everything is on the line, and then things goes south. A botched play. A bad call. A power outage. Doesn’t matter. Nothing goes your way at all, and your team’s fate is sealed. There is no tomorrow.

The moment feels unreal. Disbelief suspends your every sense.  In spite of hope for a championship banner being raised, you experience the pain of the ultimate playoff loss. After investing hundreds of hours, and sometimes dollars, into supporting your team’s success, the wind is suddenly taken from your sails.

On this reflective journey, we will count down the top 5 most heartbreaking playoff losses in Philadelphia 76ers history.