Philadelphia 76ers benefit from postponed Draft Lottery and Combine

The Philadelphia 76ers might have been in a tough spot if the NBA were to proceed as normal with their pre-draft process.

Due to the coronavirus, the NBA has decided to postpone the Draft Lottery and Draft Combine, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. While this is a disappointing turn of events, it’s a blessing in disguise for the Philadelphia 76ers during this hiatus.

Recently, the Chicago Bulls hired away Marc Eversley from the Sixers front office to be their general manager (GM). Eversley was important to the 76ers front office, but to be more precise, their scouting department, according to Kyle Neubeck of PhillyVoice.

Per Neubeck, Philly’s GM Elton Brand doesn’t have a plan in place on what to do with the void left by Eversley. Neubeck explained that currently, Eversley’s duties are being are being split up by everyone. Regardless of what Brand ultimately decides, he won’t be rushed to do so now.

With the lottery and combine both pushed back, Brand can take his time in deciding to adjust the workflow of his front office. This is especially important for the combine because the Sixers don’t have any picks that will be in the lottery this season.

The Draft Combine is a place where front office executives get an up-close and personal look at prospects. If things were going to proceed as normal, Brand might have been without a right-hand man in that department. He might have also made a quick and possibly wrong decision in how to replace Eversley as well.

Now Brand can look at all the options and figure out which is the best without any rush. If he does decide to have someone take Eversley’s place, whether they be in-house or someone from outside, that person will have ample time to get acclimated with the position and what Eversley already had in place for this draft.

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It’s certainly disappointing that yet another aspect of the NBA’s calendar has been postponed, but it certainly helps the Philadelphia 76ers transition much more smoothly from Eversley’s departure.

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