Philadelphia 76ers: Elton Brand will be put to the test

Now that the Philadelphia 76ers have lost a key member of their front office, their general manager will be tested now more than ever.

The Philadelphia 76ers front office are now without Marc Eversley, who has recently taken on the role of general manager (GM) of the Chicago Bulls. Without Eversley in Philly’s front office, Elton Brand is going to be put to the test now more than ever as the Sixers’ GM.

As Kyle Neubeck of PhillyVoice explained a recent article, Eversley was very involved in scouting prospects. He was also in charge of player relations and helping Brand out in any other capacity. Now that Eversley’s gone, Brand will have to make some pretty big adjustments.

According to Neubeck, Brand hasn’t made any final decisions regarding how the 76ers front office will run moving forward. How he acts and the result of those actions will have a big impact on the perception of him moving forward.

Eversley has helped Brand in major ways up to this point. It’s sometimes hard to remember but Brand only retired from the NBA back after the 2015-16 season. He was only the general manager of the Sixers’ G-League affiliate for one season and then very quickly become the 76ers’ GM after the Bryan Colangelo Twitter scandal in the 2018 offseason.

Brand’s not even two years into his position as the Sixers GM and while he’s made some good trades and draft choices, Brand’s inexperience has shown at times. Not re-signing J.J. Redick and Jimmy Butler, while also overpaying for an older Al Horford who’s essentially become a backup center are the biggest of those mistakes.

The former player turned GM has to figure out how he’s going to adjust and structure the front office moving forward. If whatever Brand decides puts Philly in a bad situation, then it’s going to show that he hasn’t improved as an executive.

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Without Eversley, all the good and bad decisions that came from the Philadelphia 76ers front office are solely on Brand now. He has to prove that he can be successful without a guy like Eversley by his side.

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