Philadelphia 76ers: Renewed hope for NBA season

After what seems like forever, the’s growing hope that the NBA and the Philadelphia 76ers season can continue in the somewhat near future.

Since early March, the NBA season has been paused due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now about two months later, there’s growing up that the season will now continue, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. While nothing is certain, this is great for both the NBA as a whole and the Philadelphia 76ers.

This has been a rough time not only the United States of America but the world in general. The possible return of a major sport league like the NBA would help the economy and the morale of the country.

That being said, restarting the league is far from a sure thing. In Wojnarowski’s report, there were several things that need to be determined before moving forward with reopening the NBA season. Thos factors included:

How many positive tests would be too many for the league to tolerate before another shutdown? Having a standard testing method and seeing what new types of tests come out. Determining where the league would pick up in play and how many teams will be involved. How the disease impacts areas reopening and who is getting really sick from it.

This seems like a lot but every precaution needs to be taken. It should also be noted that the NBA is considering a campus-style of bubble for players once there is a return to play with Walt Disney World in Orlando Fl, and Las Vegas as potential sites.

In terms of what this means for the Sixers is that while focusing on the draft is important, the coaching staff and front office can’t completely shift their focus away from a potential playoff run. This gives Ben Simmons even more time to be ready for a return after he’s essentially recovered from his back injury. For other players, if they weren’t already, they need to really focus on getting into the best shape possible they can.

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The NBA is still two-four weeks away from making a decision about a return to play, but there’s no denying that there’s optimism about a return to play. With that in mind, the Philadelphia 76ers need to start preparing for a return now incase the best case scenario becomes true.

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