Sixers: Reddit freaks out over how much Steve Kerr looks like Brett Brown with beard

Sixers news (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)
Sixers news (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images) /

Steve Kerr, like many, is growing a quarantine beard. NBA fans are freaking out at how similar he looks to Sixers head coach Brett Brown

It has now been over two months since a Philadelphia 76ers game was played. We haven’t seen Sixers head coach Brett Brown in some time, but it’s safe to say his hair is probably disheveled and his majestic gray beard is long.

Steve Kerr, too.

In fact, Kerr — who recently showed his face on a video interview — looks shockingly similar to the Sixers head coach with a fresh quarantine beard.

Steve Kerr suddenly looks like a bearded Brett Brown, and the internet reacts…

Reddit was quick to point out the similarities between a bearded Brown and Kerr.

The comments are incredible.

The amount of Brett Brown criticism is abundant, condescending and 100% accurate — ImDurtiDan

OK, hey, man, this wasn’t necessary. But I guess it’s probably true. Isn’t there a moratorium on coaching criticism when games are on pause, though? I mean, going into the hiatus Brown might have even saved his job by benching Al Horford.

This thread is as good as any, anyone think Popovich looks likes President Snow from Hunger games? — GGLSpiderMonkey

It’s not exactly pertinent to Kerr and Brown, but a bearded coach himself, this is certainly worthy of discussing. I’ve actually long had the image of Pop in my head every time I’ve watched Hunger Games. GGLSpiderMonkey, you’re absolutely right with this one.

At least now he doesn’t look like Alvin the Chipmunk. — ConkyDinkLinguine

Is this… a thing?

I don’t see it, frankly, but apparently a bunch of other people do. Maybe if Kerr threw on a sweater with an “A” on the front it’d be more obvious.

He’s doing his best impression of Phil Jackson now, maybe trying to hone in the dynasty crafting skills of the zen master himself. — ElectricJello

Everyone should try to master their inner zen.

“Steve Kerr looks like the guy in your town that wins every 5k race” — Brown-ale

Alright, pack it up folks. This one is way too real and way too accurate.

Is this universal? Is the gray-bearded man somehow always quicker on distance runs than the younger folk in every small town? What kind of magic comes along with the gray hair, and what secrets do graybeards know about running fast that we don’t?

Anyway, Kerr becoming Brett Brown is very unsettling.

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