Philadelphia 76ers podcast: Dr. J for MJ and modern fantasy trades

A Philadelphia 76ers podcast rooted in hypotheticals.

In this episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast, co-hosts Lucas Johnson and Christopher Kline return to discuss a variety of Philadelphia 76ers topics. Joining them is Jonathan Geib, a contributor here at the site.

Several hypothetical trades are explored. First is the recent report from Noah Levick of NBC Sports Philadelphia, which suggests the Sixers were on the verge of trading Julius Erving for the No. 3 pick in 1984. The No. 3 pick, of course, became Michael Jordan.

Lucas, Christopher, and Jonathan reflect on what could have been. How would the trade have altered Sixers history, and how would MJ’s legacy change in a different setting? The discussion eventually turns to the tantalizing thought of a Michael Jordan-Charles Barkley duo, and whether or not that duo would have joined the pantheon of all-time great pairings.

Once the MJ talk is laid to rest, the crew moves on to more recent hypotheticals — ones which were proposed in Bleacher Report’s fantasy offseason. First, a trade with Sacramento, which ships out Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson, but nets Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes in return. Second, a trade that sends Al Horford, Shake Milton, and Furkan Korkmaz to Houston. The final stroke of fantasy possibility involves Kevin Love joining the frontcourt next to Joel Embiid.

All three moves are discussed in detail. Lucas, Christopher, and Jonathan differ in opinion from trade to trade. Some offers garner more hesitancy, while other possibilities are ripe with excitement. And between them, individual differences of opinion.

Once the fantasy trades are in the rearview mirror, the podcast ends with a discussion about Joel Embiid’s workload to end the regular season (if it does resume) and the playoffs. In a recent interview, Brett Brown said he wants Embiid on the floor 38 minutes a night in the postseason. The crew discusses the fairness of those comments and expectations, as well as the ripple effects for other players on the roster.

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