Philadelphia 76ers: The Last Dance – The Process Sixers

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(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The Last Dance recently ended, and it brought back many memories of the Chicago Bulls dynasty in the 90’s. What if a Last Dance documentary series were made on the Process 76ers? Who would be featured? What events would it focus on? Which chunks of drama would be included?

As a Philadelphia 76ers fan, imagine being asleep and having this dream…

It is July 2019. On the beach of St. Thomas, Joel Embiid and Brett Brown sit under an umbrella on lounge chairs. They both wear sunglasses as an ocean breeze passes through. Coach Brown sips on a Pina Colada. Embiid sips on, you guessed it, a Shirley Temple. They reminisce on their long journey from the Process years of Sam Hinkie up to the NBA Finals victory against the depleted Golden State Warriors. There’s someone else there — a cameraman filming the conversation between star and coach. Why is this happening? A documentary is being filmed, Last Dance style, about the roller coaster era of the Process Sixers.

Let’s dive into what a Last Dance docuseries would look like on the Process Sixers.

*For entertainment purposes, a small portion of this article is fictionalized.

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