Philadelphia 76ers: Best trade in team history with the Atlanta Hawks

The Philadelphia 76ers have only made one really big trade with the Atlanta Hawks.

There is a lot of history in the NBA and recently Jason Reed of the Lake Show Life has been doing a series of articles covering the best trade the Los Angeles Lakers have made with each team. That idea has inspired me to do the same for the Philadelphia 76ers. This first installment of this article series will be covering the Sixers’ best trade in franchise history with the Atlanta Hawks.

The 76ers have made 13 total trades with the Hawks since both have been in the NBA. The first trade happened in 1950 and the most recent one occurred in 2019. Most of these deals were small transactions, but one trade during the Allen Iverson era sticks out more than the rest.

Before getting to the top trade made between these two clubs, it should be pointed out that three-team trades won’t be considered as a possible best trade because they involved more than just two teams.  Without any further ado, below is the best trade ever made between the Hawks and Sixers.

The best trade ever between Philly and Atlantas was…

76ers Get
C, Dikembe Mutombo
SF, Roshown McLeod
Hawks Get
C, Theo Ratliff
C, Nazr Mohammed
PF, Toni Kukoc
PG, Pepe Sanchez

*PG, Pepe Sanchez to ATL not included in the graphic.

This trade was the one that helped get the 76ers to the 2001 NBA Finals. Philly had a very good defensive center Theo Ratliff, but he wasn’t the best in the NBA at the time. That honor went to Dikembe Mutombo and the 76ers were able to get him.

The Sixer gave up some depth to get Mutombo too. Ratliff was still a very good defensive center. Nazr Mohammed was a solid young backup big man. Toni Kukoc was past his prime but was still a solid 3-point shooting power forward. Pepe Sanchez was more-or-less of a fringe throw-in play for this deal.

Atlanta sent the 76ers Mutombo who was at the tail end of his prime and Roshown McLeod who played only one game for Philly before completely flaming out of the NBA. The Sixers gave up a lot in this trade, but the goal was to push for a championship and they got all the way to the NBA finals before falling to the loaded Lakers. That in itself makes this trade a win for the 76ers.

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Overall this is probably one of the better trades the Philadelphia 76ers made in their history based on the fact it brought them to the NBA finals.

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