Philadelphia 76ers: 6 head coach candidates to keep an eye on

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Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers, Brett Brown (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

Potential replacements for Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown.

There’s a lot riding on this postseason for the Philadelphia 76ers. The person that should be feeling the most pressure for the Sixers to succeed is their head coach Brett Brown. Whether it’s fair or not, Brown’s on the hot seat and their’s plenty of worthy candidates to take his place.

Brown’s not had full job security since the first season that the 76ers made the playoffs under his leadership. There’s no doubt that he’s a solid head coach. He has a winning record when given NBA level talent. He has a track record of developing players. He’s a solid motivator and players’ coach. He’s also proven to be a good defensive coach for the most part.

Yet, there are still questions about his decision making and his skills as an offensive coach. He’s also been knocked out of the playoffs the last two seasons in the second round. If he can’t get Philly past the second round in Walt Disney, then there’s a good chance general manager Elton Brand will be searching for a new head coach.

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In the past, The Sixers Sense has produced articles covering Kenny Atkinson and Mike D’Antoni as potential head-coaching candidates. For that reason, they won’t be included on this list, though I do suggest reading those articles after you finish this one.

After much thought, there are at least six legit candidates that should be considered a potential Sixers head coaching vacancy. Each of these candidates has varying levels of experience and are more than qualified to take over the 76ers. They are not listed in any particular order either.

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