Philadelphia 76ers: 3 most notable games on NBA Disney schedule

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The Philadelphia 76ers’ have an easy schedule in Orlando, but it’s not without high stakes.

Few teams spark more controversy than the Philadelphia 76ers nowadays. From enigmatic stars to a deeply disappointing record, the Sixers have a knack for irking fans and pundits alike. As the NBA prepares to re-start its season in Orlando, no one has a solid grasp on the Sixers’ trajectory.

A first-round defeat wouldn’t shock anyone. A conference finals appearance wouldn’t shock anyone either. Heck, it’s not unfeasible to project a Sixers championship run, even after all that has happened this season. Few teams have as much pure talent, not to mention a significant physical advantage. Flaws and all, the Sixers are a uniquely challenging matchup.

The Sixers’ schedule for the Orlando re-start has dropped, and it’s a favorable one. Philadelphia has the second-easiest schedule of the 22 returning teams. A decent chunk of opponents are fringe postseason contenders, and only one opponent is presently a top-four seed.

With that said, the Sixers still have multiple high-stakes games on the docket. Philadelphia could move as high as fourth in the East before the season’s end, and while home-court advantage is no longer a consideration, the eight seeding games will determine the Sixers’ path to the Finals.

Here are three games on the schedule that stand out.

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