Sixers podcast: First two scrimmages, Matisse Thybulle’s spotlight

What stood out in the first two scrimmages? Why are the Sixers ranked so low in the B/R starting five rankings? What makes Matisse Thybulle such a rookie sensation? Check out this week’s podcast for some great discussion with Lucas and Chris.

This week’s podcast brings much anticipated conversation about the Sixers’ first few games since the coronavirus shutdown. Lucas Johnson and Christopher Kline jump right into analysis for the Memphis and OKC games. They dive into the performances by the Sixers’ players and the overall team play that we have all been waiting to see.

They dissect how Ben Simmons’ new approach impacts the team’s offensive success. The 3-point shooting of Simmons is discussed and how the spacing improves due to his willingness to take 3s when open.

Then, the insertion of Shake Milton into the starting lineup is covered.  Milton’s contribution in the first two games come into light as he stepped up offensively to grant the 76ers an aspect that was missing before the suspension of the season. Lucas and Chris propose expectations of Milton after the first two scrimmage games.

The talk shifts to defense from there, emphasizing the frenzy of activity that Josh Richardson and Matisse Thybulle brought to both scrimmages. They elaborate on the statistics that they bring to the table, which shows their value in the starting lineup.

The rotations are covered thoroughly. The uncertainty of who would play in certain lineup combinations is discussed, while Brett Brown figures out the most productive lineups. Several role players are given a spotlight, where their play stood out or was underwhelming.

Podcast listeners get an idea of how the new viewer experience brings a new entertainment feel. From microphones in the floor to the LED screens that obstruct empty rows of seats, Chris and Lucas offer opinions on what they observed the first few games.

Once they wrap up the scrimmage details, they provide insight on the recent Bleacher Report NBA starting five rankings. Debate ensues on who and why the teams ranked were secured places on the list. Why were the Sixers ranked 12th? How were the Pelicans ranked number one? The podcast covers stats, performances, and everything in between to break down whether or not B/R got their rankings right.

In fun, Lucas takes a bite of humble pie as he receives a boo for a baffling pick from the 2019 draft. Is it a boo from Chris or Uriah? Listen to find out who and why.

While the conversation heads toward closure, the topic of Matisse Thybulle’s recent national exposure on Good Morning America enters the dialogue. Are his hobbies off the court a distraction from his duties on the court? Chris and Lucas shed some light on what his activities mean to the team.

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Be sure to tune in next week to hear the break down of subsequent games and all topics surrounding the Sixers.

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