Sixers podcast: Blazers loss, Simmons and Embiid injuries

After the last game versus the Portland Trail Blazers, the Philadelphia 76ers are closer to establishing their playoff seed. With injuries to their most important players, a lot has to be unpacked in this week’s episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast.

Lucas Johnson and Christopher Kline welcome Adam Gilbert to the pod this week to discuss the latest drama surrounding the Sixers. Recording the episode right after Philadelphia’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, right off the bat they analyze the game and what players stood out.

They also go into the ankle injury that Joel Embiid suffered in the first quarter. Without Embiid and Ben Simmons, the 76ers needed players to step up, and the pod revisits the key players that helped them make the game more competitive than the sluggish first half.

From there, they pivot from the Portland recap to the impact of Ben Simmons’ absence on the team. There’s debate on what kind of short term and long term effects will result from not having their All-Star forward. They project the outcome of the Sixers’ chances to advance in the playoffs.

After they discuss Ben Simmons’ injury, they focus on the dominance of Joel Embiid against the Pacers, Spurs, Wizards, and Magic. The Sixers big man was having his way with teams in the Disney bubble, and the pod focuses in what Embiid should keep doing if his injury is not serious and he returns.

Lucas, Christopher, and Adam stick to Joel Embiid, discussing the new signature shoe for the 76ers’ center. They go into the look of the shoe and some of the symbolism behind several design details. From there, Lucas admits to wearing a certain signature shoe that provided him plenty of ankle support when he grew up playing basketball.

Lastly, they wrap up the shoe talk and offer thoughts on who would be the best comedian who could star in an Under Armour commercial with Embiid. There’s some interesting suggestions on who could share the screen with The Process.

The conversation then heads toward the Sixers’ roster and who realistically will step up and produce without Ben Simmons in the rotation. From the youngsters to the veterans, various players are mentioned in this final piece of the pod.

Thanks for tuning into the podcast. A special guest with a national platform joins us next time to talk Sixers hoops.

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