Philadelphia 76ers: Has Brett Brown already lost his job?

Philadelphia 76ers, Brett Brown (Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images)
Philadelphia 76ers, Brett Brown (Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images) /

Is Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown’s fate already sealed?

The Philadelphia 76ers are in a bad place in this series against the Boston Celtics. They are down 0-2 and their second loss was a demoralizing blowout. These earlier struggles form legit questions about as to if Sixers’ head coach Brett Brown can keep his job regardless of the outcome of the playoffs.

Despite being without their star playmaker Ben Simmons, Brown still has a talented roster and matchup advantage to make this a close series. Yet the Celtics had their way against Philly despite Joel Embiid 34 points and 10 rebounds in Game 2. The Sixers lost that game 101-128 and that was with the 76ers ending the first quarter with a lead.

Without Simmons, the Celtics’ two star wings in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have had their way offensively. Despite Brown being known as a defensive coach, he’s can’t figure out a way to slow down Boston’s perimeter attack. This isn’t the type of start that the Sixers and Brown needed for this series.

Is it too late for Brown?

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Brown’s poor playoff record despite having a talented roster (albeit dysfunctional one this year) is working against him. Another knock against Brown is that sometimes he takes a while to make the proper lineup, rotation, and schematic changes.

For example, it was clear in December that Al Horford, Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons couldn’t co-exist on the floor efficiently. However, it took until after the All-Star break in February for Brown to take Horford out of the starting five.

With not a stellar track record, one has to wonder if Brown’s future as head coach is already set with this poor start in the post season. Does it really matter whether or not the Sixers win this series? Is starting this series 0-2 and getting blown out in one of those games just too much for the front office to ignore? These are legit questions that general manager Elton Brand needs to ask himself when evaluating Brown’s position.

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It’s clear that things aren’t looking good for Brown’s prospects right now. Unless the Philadelphia 76ers make a surprisingly deep run at this point, it seems unlikely that Brown keeps his job beyond this postseason.