Sixers podcast: Celtics sweep / blame to share / who gets fired?

After getting swept by the Celtics and the firing of Brett Brown, the Philadelphia 76ers are now in offseason mode. What moves will they make to build around Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons?

In this week’s podcast, Lucas Johnson and Christopher Kline welcome Stuart London on for a look back at the embarrassing sweep of the Philadelphia 76ers by the Boston Celtics. Right away, they jump into who had the most disappointing series and which Sixer stepped up the most. After that, they critique Brett Brown’s coaching performance and what he could have done differently.

A shift in conversation occurs when Ben Simmons is mentioned. They discuss whether or not Simmons could have impacted the series enough for the Sixers to have avoided a sweep. There’s plenty of speculation to be made, so they offer the circumstances in which the Sixers’ All-Star could have made a difference.

After the Simmons talk, Lucas, Chris, and Stuart offer grades for each position player, coach, and team benchplay. Who earned an A? Who deserved an F? Listen to find out.

Rounding out the conversation after such a disheartening series sweep, the pod reveals possible moves that should be made throughout the offseason. To improve the 76ers, they discuss who would be a good replacement for Brett Brown, whether Elton Brand should return, and what to make of trade hypotheticals for Embiid and Simmons. With so many deficiencies on the roster, the pod brings up a multitude of reasons why the Sixers need to stay put in certain areas or tear up the team, from player personnel to management.

Lastly, Chris, Lucas, Stuart, and Uriah give their initial Sixers hot takes ahead of an ambiguous offseason, which just recently started.

It will be interesting to see how management enters the offseason needing a new head coach and the right pieces to complement Embiid and Simmons. More to come!

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Editor’s note: This podcast was recorded prior to Brett Brown’s firing, but the assumption that Brown would get fired was well established. All content is still relevant. 

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