Sixers podcast: Former Sixers thriving / Confidence in Elton Brand

Philadelphia 76ers fans are still feeling the sting of Jimmy Butler’s exodus from the team as the Heat continue to steamroll. Other former Sixers are thriving in the playoffs as well. This week’s podcast dives into their success and how Elton Brand can learn from his mistakes.

This week’s episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast jumps right into the controversy surrounding Joel Embiid‘s tweets about his former teammate and friend, Jimmy Butler. As the Miami Heat have dominated the Milwaukee Bucks in their second-round matchup, Embiid sent support to Butler via social media, and Sixers fans can’t help speculate what his effusive tweets might mean for the star center’s future in Philadelphia. The pod goes over whether or not fans really have anything to worry about when it comes to Embiid’s status with the team.

Once the Butler drama is out of the way, the pod covers all of the Process players who are still competing in the playoffs. The list includes Robert Covington, Jerami Grant, Landry Shamet, and of course, Jimmy Butler. With each player making important contributions to their respective teams, Sixer fans can’t help but wonder why they did not work out in Philly.

From there, Lucas and Uriah pivot toward the future moves to be made by Elton Brand. Going into his third season as general manager, Brand is in a position to improve the team or watch it descend into another disaster. Discussion leads to conclusions that can be drawn about which moves Brand will likely make and how confident Lucas and Uriah are that the Sixers’ GM will rebound from a disappointing season.

Once they wrap up talk of Elton Brand’s projected deals, the pod swings in the direction of ‘what if’ scenarios regarding the process. What if Hinkie was not forced out and replaced by Colangelo? What if the Sixers would have been wise enough to not sign three top draft picks who played the same position in consecutive years? What if Colangelo would have drafted Jayson Tatum over Markelle Fultz? What if Jimmy Butler could have been persuaded to stay as opposed to jetting to Miami?

The final topic revolves around the latest NBA 2K rankings for the 76ers starting lineup. Which players are ranked fairly? Whose 2K score stands out the most?

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