Sixers podcast: Oladipo? Griffin? Hield? / Doc’s first move

Victor Oladipo, Buddy Hield | Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Victor Oladipo, Buddy Hield | Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports /

Would Victor Oladipo and Blake Griffin be a good fit on the Sixers’ roster? Is the hope of Buddy Hield coming to Philly fading? And what about Doc Rivers’ first move as coach? These questions answered and more in the newest episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast!

In this week’s episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast, Christopher Kline and Uriah Young go into various trade options and other coaching situations that could make or break the Sixers’ season.

They jump right into the idea of two more All-Stars being added to the roster. In all of the NBA rumor circles, two players seeking a spot on a contending team, Blake Griffin and Victor Oladipo, are discussed in a variety of ways that could lead them to the 76ers. Trade asset exchanges and contract feasibility are mentioned as both players fit within an analysis of Philly’s needs and weaknesses. From there, the conversation goes into another player who has been linked to Philly the last few months.

Buddy Hield has been a hot topic when it comes to social media. Passionate and desperate (for a shooter) Sixer fans have basically stalked Hield on Instagram, enticing him to play in the City of Brotherly Love. Chris and Uriah cover what a Sixers team would look like with a controversial player known for being disgruntled, reuniting with the coach that disgruntled him. All seems perfect for locker room chemistry on the 76ers, right? Could Dave Joerger and Hield bury the hatchet to elevate the Sixers franchise?

After that, the discussion ventures into the coaching realm of Doc Rivers. The podcast elaborates on what the new Sixers coach should do on day one of training camp. How firm should Rivers be on the two young Sixer stars? Chris and Uriah go all in on how Rivers can distinguish himself as the Sixers coach now that Brett Brown has moved on.

Finally, the podcast covers a topic of nostalgia – the top 3-point shooters in 76ers franchise history. Is it J.J. Redick? Kyle Korver? Hersey Hawkins? Listen to discover who Uriah and Chris consider the top snipers who wore a Sixers jersey.

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