Sixers draft: 3 prospects to trade up for in 2020 NBA Draft

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Here’s who the Sixers should consider trading up for in the 2020 NBA Draft.

The Philadelphia 76ers have managed to acquire five picks for the 2020 NBA Draft. Whilst many breakout stars have been found outside of the lottery, it’s always a bigger gamble to find an NBA-ready star with picks that low. With five picks to use, it would be worthwhile for the Sixers to consider trading up for a higher pick that is more likely to be a solid contributor to their rotation.

Whilst there are players that are likely to be available at 21 that would be decent picks, there are better, more suitable players available higher up. These are three prospects that would be worth the Sixers trading up for.

3. Tyrell Terry and Desmond Bane

The reason I’ve lumped these first two together is because it’s possible that one of them, maybe even both of them, will be available at #21 so we might not need to trade up at all.

Tyrell Terry is a Stanford freshman who can knock it down from 3. Shooting is the core of his game and he’s great at using off-ball movement to get open for outside shots. He can also shoot off the dribble, not afraid to pull up as his confidence is sky high.

He could relieve Shake Milton of primary playmaking responsibility for the second unit and offer great spacing for Ben and Joel with the first unit whilst running the halfcourt offense if necessary. The biggest problem with Terry is that he’s only 6’2 and could be a defensive liability for the Sixers.

Desmond Bane is a senior shooting guard from TCU and he’s seen his draft stock increase drastically from a second round prospect to a mid-first round pick in some mocks. He’s a steady shooter, shooting 44.2 percent on 6.5 attempts a game and his experience at the collegiate level make him a good prospect to instantly make an impact.

He’s grown into a decent playmaker, showing efficiency handling the ball on the pick-n-roll and he’s an intelligent player who exerts himself, playing with high intensity on both ends of the court. Bane’s drawback is primarily his lack of athleticism which will limit him at the next level on both ends on the floor.