Sixers podcast: Daryl Morey works his magic | NBA Draft analysis

Sixers fans are raving about the moves that were recently made to improve the team. This special midweek episode breaks down all of the trades and picks from draft night.

Because of the latest frenzy of roster activity for the Philadelphia 76ers, we needed to record a special podcast on draft night. Lucas Johnson and Christopher Kline jump right into the action that stems from Wednesday night’s draft.

They start out with the surprise picks at the top of the draft. Who went to which teams as expected, and who was selected that wasn’t projected until later in the round?

Then, the looming trade of Al Horford is discussed. The podcast covers what was given up in exchange for Horford and how his time in Philadelphia was inauspicious from the start. The addition of Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson brings up conversation about their fit with the 76ers and what it could mean in the rotation.

Lucas and Chris then talk about how the draft picks part of the Horford trade will transact depending on the Sixers’ subsequent record. Next, the Sixers’ pick of Tyrese Moxey in the first round is discussed. How he dropped to 21 and why Philadelphia selected him is debated.

The trade for Seth Curry is brought up, and the podcast goes over his impressive 3-point statistics that rival his superstar brother, Steph Curry. The podcast presents reasons why Josh Richardson is now headed to Dallas, and how Seth Curry is a better fit in Doc Rivers’ new system.

From there, the selection of Isaiah Joe and Paul Reed in the second round is analyzed. Each player dropped to a position in the draft where Philadelphia had no choice but to select such fitting needs for the team.

Finally, Lucas and Chris reflect on last season and offer new optimism moving forward because of Daryl Morey’s early moves.

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