Philadelphia 76ers: Is there a trade market for Tobias Harris?

Philadelphia 76ers, Tobias Harris (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Philadelphia 76ers, Tobias Harris (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia 76ers should try to find a trade partner for Tobias Harris.

For the most part, Daryl Morey, the Philadelphia 76ers‘ new president of basketball operations, has undone the damage that general manager Elton Brand did in the 2019-20 offseason. However, there is one deed still left for Morey to undo and that is Tobias Harris‘ overpaid contract.

It’s not that Harris is a bad player. In terms of production, he’s a step below an All-Star, but his contract is in the All-NBA stratosphere. Which makes his contracts one of the worse in the NBA. Unless Harris can play at an All-Star level this season, trading him seems very unlikely. That being said, there are some slim chances that he could be traded to a few certain teams.

Potential landing spots for the Sixers to land Harris.

There’s isn’t much of a market for Harris that much is true, but assuming a certain player (not named James Harden) wants to get traded, then there’s a chance Philly could get off of Harris’ bloated deal.

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That being said, Philly would have to send multiple picks to help ease the financial burden Harris would be on another team. There are a few teams that would make sense for Harris in that regard.

I mentioned the Toronto Raptors on a recent The Sixer Sense Podcast as a potential landing spot for Harris as Philly might be able to pry Kyle Lowry from them. However, the money would be tricky to figure out in any deal with Toronto. I should note that Mark Birdsell of Raptors Rapture sent this idea to me in a private message on Twitter and I wanted to acknowledge that fact.

Brain Jacobs of The Painted Lines suggested on Twitter that the Chicago Bulls could be a potential landing spot for Harris. Swapping Harris and Matisse Thybulle for Otto Porter Jr. and Lauri Markkanen is a good starting point, but not enough to get a deal done.

Another option could the Detroit Pistons. If Blake Griffin regains former, then centering a deal around the former All-Star and Harris might be in the cards. Detroit is going through a rebuild and having a healthy version of Griffin would hurt any rebuilding efforts.

The New York Knicks might be the best option as they have roughly $18 million in cap space this season and can’t aim for any superstar free agent in the near future. Getting Harris along with draft picks would be a good deal for the Knicks right now as they continue to rebuild.

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There’s a possibility to trade Harris this season, but it will probably come at the price of the Philadelphia 76ers trading away multiple first round picks.