Sixers podcast: Markelle Fultz | Orlando-Philly connection | win streak

With the Sixers on a three-game win streak, there’s plenty to discuss on the podcast. Our special guest from Orlando Magic Daily, Philip Rossman-Reich, offers his take on the New Year’s Eve game, Markelle Fultz’s development, and Dwight Howard’s career arc.

This episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast brings fans into 2021 with some Sixers basketball to discuss. With wins against the Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, and Charlotte Hornets, the team led by Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons finds itself with the best record in the entire NBA. The podcast starts with a recap of the Magic game.

Because our guest — Orlando Magic Daily site expert Philip Rossman-Reich — was actually in attendance at the Dec. 31 game in Orlando, he kicks things off with his observations. Covering the Magic for over a decade, he provides perspective not only on how Orlando and Philadelphia played that night, but on several other topics that Sixer fans will be interested in hearing.

He gives a glimpse into how the Orlando fanbase felt about Markelle Fultz being traded from Philadelphia almost two years ago. He also offers an update on how the fanbase feels about Fultz’s progress since his arrival. From there, the podcast mentions some other former Sixers on the Magic and looks into their history with the 76ers and how far they have come.

When Philip first started covering the Magic in 2010, Dwight Howard was their franchise star. Therefore, he gives a great overview of Howard’s career arc from his rookie year and throughout his journey from team to team in the NBA. The trio elaborate on Howard’s current situation with the Sixers and how he actually has become a very similar player that he was in his first year as a pro.

After Philip signs off the pod, Uriah and Chris keep the show going. They give detailed recaps of the Toronto and Charlotte wins, including the players who stood out in the critical moments of each game. Once they pivot from the recaps, they take the theme of starting fresh in a new year and apply it to the 76ers roster.

What should be a New Year’s resolution for each player in the starting lineup and bench rotation? Who needs to shoot more? Which players needs to be more aggressive going to the rim? Who needs more awareness when running the offense? These questions are answered, along with a handful of others, in our talk about New Year’s resolutions for Sixer players.

We appreciate Philip coming on and giving us his time to discuss the 76ers/Magic connections and observations of the New Year’s Eve game. You can follow him on Twitter @philiprr_OMD.

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