Sixers podcast: Lakers vs. 76ers preview | Kobe Bryant’s legacy

Ben Simmons | Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Ben Simmons | Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

On Wednesday, the Sixers face-off against the Los Angeles Lakers. To preview this key game, we have a special guest to discuss the nationally televised matchup.

Some NBA fans look at the Philadelphia 76ers’ record and argue that Philly’s wins have not been against quality teams. They claim that the Sixers are not a top tier team in the Eastern Conference. On Wednesday, the ultimate test will be able to settle the early debate. On this special preview episode, we welcome Jason Reed — site expert from the Lake Show Life — to offer insight into what Sixer fans can expect from LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers.

To start things out, Lucas Johnson and Uriah Young prime the conversation with early assessments of both the Lakers and 76ers and whether or not each team has met or exceeded early season expectations. From there, they look into the key matchups for Wednesday. How do Philly’s stars measure up to L.A.’s stars? What about their respective benches?

Jason Reed gives his unique perspective on how a certain Lakers player is often overlooked and warns Philly fans to be on the lookout for this player to impact the game. Also, Reed admits astonishment about a rumor that connects the Sixers and Lakers, raising his eyebrows about the possibility of a player on the Sixers’ roster who could potentially replace LeBron once retirement calls.

Things get reflective when the topic of Kobe Bryant’s passing is brought up. Exactly one year ago, the Black Mamba lost his life in a tragic helicopter crash. The podcast looks back at where they were when they heard the news and how Kobe Bryant’s death shook the world. They also offer their favorite Kobe memory and their thoughts about his legacy as a player and person.

Lucas and Uriah then analyze some positives and negatives relating to the big wins against conference rival Boston and the trap-game victory versus the Pistons. The podcast concludes after a debate about whether or not Tobias Harris deserves to be an All-Star since having such a hot start to the season.

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