Sixers MVP ladder: Does Joel Embiid still have top spot?

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2021 NBA MVP ladder #3: Stephen Curry

The Warriors have found traces of their former magic this season, in large part due to Stephen Curry’s revival. He’s putting up numbers comparable to his unanimous MVP season, and while Golden State is only 19-15, that’s no small feat when considering the roster around Curry.

The 32-year-old is averaging 29.9 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 6.3 assists while netting 48.5 percent of his shots (and 41.5 percent of his career-high 11.8 three-point attempts per game). Curry is once again blitzing ill-prepared defenses from deep, while most of the Warriors’ successful offensive sets revolve around Curry. Even Draymond Green’s recent ascent cannot overshadow Curry’s importance to Golden State’s success.

No player in league history has bent and warped defenses quite like Curry. His mere presence can irreparably shatter a defense’s game plan. He epitomizes the term “gravity,” and creates innumerable advantages for teammates simply by catching the eye of multiple defenders.

Curry is arguably the best scorer in basketball right now, and the Warriors are firmly in the playoff race despite a rather underwhelming supporting cast. Golden State is missing Curry’s right-hand man, and Klay Thompson’s absence has done nothing to stifle Curry’s production. He looks as good as ever. He looks good enough to win another MVP.