Allen Iverson and DMX: Different stages but same ovation

DMX (Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for NYLON)
DMX (Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for NYLON) /
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Allen Iverson & DMX: Style

In culture, there are conventionalists, and there are deviants. Needless to say, DMX and A.I. refused to conform to the expectations of others. They were known to push the envelope, and they would do so unapologetically.

When they walked into a room, their attire left no need for introductions. Flashy at times, or grimy when desired, DMX and Iverson had no problems dressing how they felt on any occasion. They would rock sneakers or Timberlands at their leisure, and jewelry was always a key feature in their presentation. The bling around their necks could blind you and impress you in the same glance. It took a certain trait though for these cultural giants to pull off what most other artists or athletes wished they could at that time.

The confidence that Iverson and DMX had was something to be admired. With such small statures, Iverson at 6-feet and DMX at 5-feet-10, they walked with an air of confidence that made men envious and women lustful. Couple this self assuredness with their charisma, and it leaves only one final characteristic that made them the men who millions grew to idolize.

On TV or on the radio, DMX and Iverson would never hold back the truth. Their brutal honesty throughout their careers could have been seen as a curse, but it became more of a blessing. In DMX’s songs, there was an authenticity that his fans connected with. During Iverson’s press conferences, whether he won or lost a game, he would tell it like it is, no matter the consequences.

Most importantly, both men knew their flaws and never tried to hide them. It is this trait that probably solidified DMX and Iverson’s legacies. This transparent nature of wearing their emotions on their sleeves and expressing a gamut of feelings in front of millions is why so many offer their unconditional adoration.