Allen Iverson and DMX: Different stages but same ovation

DMX (Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for NYLON)
DMX (Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for NYLON) /
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Allen Iverson & DMX: Controversy

The bigger the spotlight, the hotter the stage. It was when the two icons were not displaying their talent for the masses though that they received the most unwanted attention. Both Iverson and DMX had run-ins with the law, and both served time in jail for much different reasons.

In the early 90’s, before A.I. was even a member of the Georgetown Hoyas, he was convicted of assault at a bowling alley in Hampton, Virginia. He stayed out of trouble for a while until October of 2000 when his own venture into rap drew criticism for derogatory lyrics in the song, “40 Bars.” Then, there was the 2002 domestic dispute where Iverson was charged with trespassing and carrying an unlicensed gun. DMX dealt with even heavier charges.

Probably as a result of an abusive childhood, DMX found himself in and out of jail for a plethora of illegal incidents. From assault, to gun possession, to drugs, the late rapper faced many troubles. In so many ways, the aggression in his music personified his inner battles to exorcise the demons that haunted his personal life.

As their careers ascended, Iverson and DMX became magnets for scrutiny. Through it all, they appeared to grow stronger. The attention they commanded and accolades they earned at the pinnacle of success only chiseled their names clearer into their monuments of fame. The influence they would have on basketball and music could only lead to one thing.