Philadelphia 76ers: Is this Mike Scott’s swan song?

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia 76ers did a great job surrounding their young core with solid veterans like Dwight Howard, Danny Green, George Hill, Anthony Tolliver, and Mike Scott for this playoff run. Each brings something different that could be a positive contribution to the team’s postseason success.

That being said it feels like at least one or two of them might be near the end of their NBA career. For the purposes of this article, let’s focus on Mike Scott as the one whose swan song is playing this postseason.

This could be the last run for the Philadelphia 76ers’ Scott.

Scott was acquired two seasons ago at the NBA trade deadline that also brought Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic to the 76ers. Once he arrived he was an instant hit with the fan base with his no-nonsense personality and his hot 3-point shooting.

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That offseason he signed a two-year deal worth $9.8 million, which at the time seemed like a bit of an overpay. That ended up being the case as his 3-point shooting and gritty defense regressed both last season and this year. Outside of those two skills, Scott doesn’t provide much on the court.

Scott is only a nine-year NBA veteran, which isn’t a super long career. However, he was a rookie at the age of 24 and played five seasons in college, so he has plenty of wear and tear on his body and it showed this season.

On the year, Scott averaged 4.2 points and 2.4 rebounds, while converting just 34.2 percent of his 3-pointers. At the age of 32 years old and showing a decline in your specialties without ever being a legit starter, it doesn’t look good for Scott’s.

If you listen to The Sixer Sense Podcast, then you would have heard both Christopher Kline and myself say on multiple occasions that Scott shouldn’t be in the rotation. I in particular have said on multiple occasions that he has “one foot in retirement”. I still believe that and it feels like he won’t sign another contract this season unless he shines in the playoffs which doesn’t seem likely.

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It’s unclear how often the Philadelphia 76ers will use Scott in the playoffs, but’s it certainly appears that after these playoffs, Scott won’t play another NBA game.