Philadelphia 76ers’ fans don’t want mediocre!

Sixers Ben Simmons (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Sixers Ben Simmons (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

One down, possibly fifteen more until the celebration that Philadelphians have thought about for nearly forty years: A Philadelphia 76ers‘ NBA championship parade.

The notion of a Sixers title should make the most die-hard Philly sports fan’s hair stand up on their arms. It’s that serious around these parts. Since it is a serious matter to Philly sports fans, let me make this very clear to the Sixers, and particularly, Mr. Ben Simmons. No more mediocre play!

Fans don’t want it. We (depending on who you may ask) are tired of seeing a 6-foot-11 and 240 lb walking mismatch come down the floor like a runaway freight train, only to stop themselves, and hand the ball off while setting a pick for your teammate.  It is frustrating, to say the least.

The Philadelphia 76ers need you to do better Ben Simmons.

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I know, I know. I’ve been one of the biggest Ben Simmons detractors on this site so its normal for me to say these things, you may think. However, when you look at the outcomes, can you honestly blame anyone for feeling this way? We all see the frightening potential that Simmons possesses. Why it is not translating to the NBA floor is still one of the biggest mysteries in the sports world.

Enough of that though. Need a refresher? Go read my last three articles about Simmons on The Sixers Sense.

Sunday’s Game 1 win was closer than meets the eye. The Washington Wizards, who are far less superior than the Sixers, collectively played better than Philadelphia that afternoon. Tobias Harris carried the Sixers on his back until Joel Embiid got going in the fourth. There were some stretches where the Sixers were outplayed, and then there were some stretches where Philly showed who was the better team clearly.

This helter-skelter play cannot continue going forward. They might be able to get away with it against the Wizards. However, in the second round and possibly Conference/NBA Finals, that could result in an early hole that the Sixers will have to dig themselves out of.

Simmons, six points on 3-9 shooting and 0-6 night from the charity stripe will not get it done! Yes, 15 rebounds and 15 assists are super impressive, but to win an NBA championship, more is needed from the stars, much more.

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One down. Fifteen more to go. I firmly believe that the Philadelphia 76ers will be the last team standing. Let’s hope that mediocre play doesn’t run the train off the tracks. See y’all on Wednesday.