Sixers: 3 possible Ben Simmons trades with Kings

Ben Simmons, Sixers Mandatory Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports
Ben Simmons, Sixers Mandatory Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports /
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3 possible Ben Simmons trades between Sixers & Kings: 3 teams

Essentially a riff on the last proposal, this trade would land three new starters to pair with Embiid and Harris, while Seth Curry, Tyrese Maxey, and a re-signed Danny Green would anchor a suddenly useful bench unit. The Sixers use the No. 9 pick, and some extra juice, to grab Dejounte Murray from San Antonio, and maintain elite point-of-attack defense because of it.

Murray and Haliburton would give the Sixers a lot of length on the perimeter. Murray isn’t the best 3-point shooter, but similar to Fox, he shoots enough to avoid complete ignorance from the defense. He can score fluently inside the arc, and would form a very capable one-two playmaking punch with Haliburton.

Barnes is, again, very useful, and the Sixers don’t have a pressing need for young talent in this year’s draft class. If sacrificing two first-round picks and change is what it takes to acquire a player of Murray’s caliber, then Morey should pull the trigger in a heartbeat. Next season is all about taking the next step toward championship contention.

San Antonio is on the verge of a rebuild, and Murray is rumored to be available. This would give the Spurs two top-12 picks, another late first-round pick, and the reigning G-League MVP to kickstart its youth movement. Not to mention Delon Wright, who can provide short-term value and perhaps yield more draft capital around the trade deadline.

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