Sixers still have leverage in Ben Simmons trade saga

Ben Simmons, Sixers (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Ben Simmons, Sixers (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) /

Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported a couple of days ago that Sixers guard Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia and would like to be relocated to one of the California teams. The only problem is, that won’t happen.

The Lakers have a lot of veteran players on their team and not enough young players. The only way Ben Simmons is going to the Lakers is if the Lakers trade Anthony Davis or LeBron James, which obviously won’t happen. The Clippers would probably have to trade Paul George to the Sixers and the Clippers just wouldn’t make that trade. Then we have the Warriors. Golden State technically have the pieces for Simmons but won’t pull the trigger because of the pairing of Draymond Green. Plus, the Sixers are going to do what’s in their best interest.

Where does the Ben Simmons trade saga leave the Sixers?

So, the teams gaining traction on Simmons are the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Toronto Raptors. I would have to assume that any deal with the Timberwolves starts with Malik Beasley and D’Angelo Russell, and the Raptors would start with Pascal Siakam. But, in my opinion, there are two options — either call Portland and re-visit the CJ McCollum idea, or keep Simmons to start the season.

Here’s why.

The Sixers have leverage in Ben Simmons trade negotiations.

The Sixers could keep Simmons and wait for a star or a package they like to come on the market. I know Simmons threatened to sit out of training camp, but Charles Barkley brought up a really good point on The Mike Missanelli Show he pretty much said If Simmons shows up and chooses not to play then the Sixers should suspend him and not pay him.

Whatever ends up happening Morey will do what’s in the best interest for 76ers organization and will do whatever it takes to improve the roster, and I firmly believe that.

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