Sixers: 3 reasons trading Ben Simmons is beneficial

Ben Simmons, Sixers Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Ben Simmons, Sixers Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

Doc Rivers has shifted the focus of the Sixers locker room this season. The 76ers’ 8-2 record is the second-best record in the National Basketball Association. Key wins over the Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, and Chicago Bulls have increased morale.

As the Sixers prepare for another week of competition, their front office must begin to find ways to deal their all-defensive guard to the right bidder. The 76ers and Ben Simmons hope to find a peaceful resolution to their ongoing disputes.

Ben Simmons is not committed to the Sixers

The city of brotherly love has high expectations for its sports teams. Organizations such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies all receive the same from their native fanbase. Players understand that constructive criticism from their fans give should only be used to improve their performances. Joel Embiid and others have grown to appreciate this form of motivation while others use it to create a divide.

Ben Simmons’ return to the Sixers organization was halfhearted. On Oct. 11, the 76ers players and coaching staff welcomed their all-defensive point guard back to work with open arms. It was clear that Simmons still harbored ill feelings towards the organization from last season.

His actions throughout the preseason showed the 76ers locker room how uncommitted he was toward the 76ers’ season goals. As the season grew closer, Doc Rivers and the front office had to eliminate all distractions.

A week later, Simmons was asked to leave practice.

The Sixers’ next man up is always ready 

Trying to get their point guard on the floor became a huge issue for Josh Harris and the Sixers. Suspensions and fines have failed to help both parties reach an agreement. As regular season play continues, the Sixers have switched their focuses to working out a trade for Simmons’ talents.

Simmons has already stated that he is ready to take accountability, but he is not mentally ready to embrace the responsibilities of preparing to play. The absence of Simmons has caused the Sixers to look for solid replacements. The opportunity for younger players to shine has carried Philadelphia to their 8-2 start.

Tyrese Maxey has taken full advantage of his new opportunity. His performances this year have aided the Sixers in their six-game win streak. Maxey has averaged 14.2 points per game and has made contributions to the team’s assist totals as well. Philadelphia’s second-year guard has averaged 4.7 assist a night, allowing his teammates to find open shots. When compared to Ben Simmons, Maxey has done a phenomenal job. Help from Andre Drummond and Shake Milton has made the transition from Simmons to Maxey easy this season

The Sixers should bring in someone who wants to play 

Trading Ben Simmons will help the Sixers tremendously. Having a player who refuses to play on the roster has ways of bringing the team morale down. Every member of the Sixers organization has been working hard, so why reward Simmons with a vacation?

Philadelphia’s front office resumed fining Ben Simmons for lackluster effort in trying to return to the Sixers organization. His absence from strength and condition practices and film sessions have resulted in more money lost. As the team continues to battle this season, the front offices around the league will be keen on the Sixers’ upcoming transactions.

Teams such as the Boston Celtics have expressed interest in Ben Simmons. Bringing in someone hungry to improve will increase the 76ers chances of winning this season. Jaylen Brown and others have been at the front of trade discussions. If the Philadelphia 76ers want to see Ben Simmons play this season, they might have to cut their losses.

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